May 4th is the Second Annual Global Volunteer Day! Think about it…cities all over the world all serving on the same day. This is the vision and goal of Serve the City…Everyone serving. Last year the projects in [...]

Second Chance

Second Chance helps men and women who have obstacles getting hired by working with them and training them in deconstruction work. Teams are sent out along the Eastern Seaboard to deconstruct homes and other buildings. The [...]

FoodLab Farm

Many parts of Baltimore are “food deserts” meaning that people don’t have access to fresh food, and get their food from the corner stores. The Foodlab Farm provides a wide variety of fresh produce for [...]

Providing Healthy Meals

Volunteers spent their morning in the kitchen at Moveable Feast preparing and packing meals. The 16 volunteers were divided into two groups, one created healthy “TV dinners” while the other group packed the [...]

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